Please Visit My Friend’s Magical Website!

My friend Heather Andrews recently designed and unveiled THE most magical website ever — “EntoWhimsy”, found at Please take long look. You will be charmed and delighted. And you will learn a lot!

Heather is an entomologist and a jewelry maker and an artist and a musician and a web designer and a gardener and a super friend. She writes beautifully about how her love of nature has inspired her to follow a uniquely intertwined path in life — professionally in the world of science and personally in the world of artistic expression. She writes beautifully about nature, period.

And for these especially trying times, Heather offers a prescription of sorts — spend time outdoors, as she does. She writes: “I strongly encourage you to do the same, go out and find a beautiful, pristine place, and focus on deeply inhaling the clear air, listening to the birds and insects (or perhaps complete silence), and filling your eyes with the incredible sights.”

You may remember Heather as one of the artists in my Aurora art gallery that I closed at the end of 2018. “EntoWhimsy” is also the name of Heather’s Etsy page, where she now sells her work.

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