Showing the Colors #1 — “Oregon Flag” (State Motto: She Flies with Her Own Wings)

According to, “showing one’s colors” means “to reveal what one truly believes, thinks or wants; to act in accordance with one’s real personality, character or disposition”. The phrase originated in the 1700s, when sailing ships began flying their national flags, an especially important identifier in times of battle. I am aware that the phrase has been co-opted by some who use it to express their negative anti-social beliefs, thoughts or desires — especially in the realm of race relations — with the whining justification, “But this is what I really believe (or think or want)!” I reject that meaning of “showing one’s colors”. Instead, I am happy to make positive and visible statements in front of my house, every day, as you see here and below. The three “topic” flags appear in rotation, and the American flag is the constant. For more context, please scroll down to see my News entry on 1/2/20.

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