Quick take

Mar 28, 2016    posted in  Ideas

“Some ideas are fragile and seem incapable of withstanding close scrutiny or the test of time.  Others do stand up and join the backlog of imagery in my mind that insistently call out to be realized.”

From the “Artist Statement” by Michael Peery (describing the genesis of his “Time and Again” show, at the Lyman Allyn Museum of New London CT, February 27-April 24, 2016; the show (perhaps necessarily) has to do with the second kind of idea).

No words needed (not again)

Mar 25, 2016    posted in  Ideas

CeJsx_NXEAATpfoSee the blog post of November 15, 2015 about Paris.  So here is the Brussels version, as lifted from Twitter — the beloved national cartoon Tintin and his dog, mourning.

Quick take

Mar 23, 2016    posted in  Ideas

“I am rarely looking at other jewelry.  Art is my inspiration.  And how things are made — the actual hands-on part of it.  That’s what is interesting for me.”

From “For One Los Angeles Designer, Jewelry Mingles with Fine Art” by Melissa Goldstein in the March 23, 2016 issue of The New York Times (quoting jewelry designer Kathryn Bentley).

Quick take

Mar 21, 2016    posted in  Ideas

“When the jeweler Massimo Izzo sat down to dinner with a visitor one day in January, the waiter suddenly appeared with an appetizer that hadn’t been ordered: sea urchin linguine.

“‘See! This is what inspires me, this is where I draw from, these people, these surprises!’ Mr. Izzo exclaimed.

“And one of his most recent creations, part of the Jewels of the Sea collection, is a sand-treated 18-karat gold pendant in the shape of a sea urchin surrounded by coral branches and a diamond- encrusted grouper fish.

“Mr. Izzo’s designs are an ode to his native Sicily, Hellenic beauty and a life spent along the Mediterranean. ‘Underwater life enchants me,’ he said. “That is why elements such as sea horses, octopuses, starfish, crabs and corals take center stage on my jewels.'”

From “A Tale of the Sea, in Gold and Gems,” by Eugenio Cirmi, in the March 20, 2016 issue of The New York Times.

Quick take

Mar 17, 2016    posted in  Ideas

“For me, a whole book can start with a single absent-minded pencil sketch.”

From “Drawing Inspiration”, an essay by Edward Carey in the March 13, 2015 issue of The New York Times Book Review (pondering authors who are also their own illustrators, and vice versa).