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“Steal Like an Artist” by Austin Kleon

Aug 30, 2013    posted in  Books

The basic premise of this wonderful idiosyncratic book is that we must all build on what came before us.  We must build on it, not just repeat or imitate it.  And in doing this building, we uncover what is really ours, what makes each of us unique and individual.  This is a very human search, and […]

“Andrew Wyeth: Memory & Magic” by Ann Classen Knutson

Mar 12, 2013    posted in  Books

This book was published in conjunction with the major Wyeth exhibit mounted in late 2005-mid 2006 by the High Museum of Art in Atlanta and the Philadelphia Museum of Art. For me, it weaves together some key memories. One is visiting the exhibit in Philadelphia, where I started at the end and worked my way […]

Artists’ Monographs for Children

Feb 26, 2013    posted in  Books

I have a soft spot for artists’ monographs aimed at children.  A distillation takes place in these books that helps me focus on what may be the core of a very complicated life and body of work.  Pulled from my shelves are: “WInslow  Homer” and “Georgia O’Keeffe” by MIke Venezia (from the “Getting To Know […]