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Quick take

Jan 9, 2018    posted in  Art, Ideas

“There, he had some original ideas but didn’t always seem to know the difference between the good ones and the bad ones.” From Pete Wells’ 2-star review of the restaurant Ferris in the January 9, 2018 edition of The New York Times (speaking of chef Greg Proechel).

Quick take

Jul 15, 2016    posted in  Ideas

“Paul said, ‘I don’t have any ideas.’ I said: ‘Well, of course you don’t have any ideas. Sitting around waiting for an idea is the worst thing you can do. All ideas come out of the work itself.’ ” From Wil Hylton’s profile of Chuck Close in the July 17, 2016 issue The New York Times […]

Quick take

May 3, 2016    posted in  Ideas

“When I don’t think, all sorts of things come to me.” From William Grimes’ obituary of the artist Marisol, “an artist known for blithely shattering boundaries,” in the May 3, 2016 issue of The New York Times (quoting the artist, “a master of the gnomic pronouncement”).

” I took that as a cue …”

Apr 4, 2016    posted in  Ideas

I first became aware of the periodically changing art exhibits at the Portland (OR) Airport (PDX) when I was traveling often from San Francisco to visit my son.  Intriguing visuals, chosen by the PDX art program director, would line the corridor that ran from the main concourse to the Alaska Air flights.  (And sometimes I […]

Quick take

Mar 28, 2016    posted in  Ideas

“Some ideas are fragile and seem incapable of withstanding close scrutiny or the test of time.  Others do stand up and join the backlog of imagery in my mind that insistently call out to be realized.” From the “Artist Statement” by Michael Peery (describing the genesis of his “Time and Again” show, at the Lyman […]