Monthly Discussion Group via Queen of Angels Monastery

Since this past September, I have been leading a monthly discussion group, sponsored by the Shalom Center at the Queen of Angels Monastery in Mt. Angel OR. Called the Creative/Spiritual Life Circle, the group is dedicated to exploring our innate, God-given, inter-connected identifies as creative and spiritual beings. It’s not an art class, not a workshop, not a coaching session — just a conversational exploration of what all this means to our lives.

All are welcome! We convene (Zoom) on the 3rd Saturday of the month. I present a theme, offer some thoughts for reflection — and the group goes from there. Let me know if you’d like more info, or contact the Monastery at

Voting Is an Act of Patriotism

On July 27, the Biden sign went up in front of our house, followed in August by the Biden/Harris sign. Today, I know that my ballot has been safely delivered to the Oregon Board of Elections. The election is 11 days away. Vote as if your life depends on it — because it does.

Good-Bye, Good Chickens

Life gives, and life takes away. It was a tough summer for the two older hens at our place, and my happiness about raising a large flock was short-lived. On June 7, beautiful Helen (Frankenthaler) (l) died of unknown causes. On August 11, beautiful Jane (Eyre) (r) died from complications of being “egg bound” (an egg that cannot be laid and cannot be removed from the body). Helen was a sweet “mother hen” type. Jane was stately and dignified. I miss their unique presence in the chicken yard!