Showing the Colors #1 — “Oregon Flag” (State Motto: She Flies with Her Own Wings)

According to, “showing one’s colors” means “to reveal what one truly believes, thinks or wants; to act in accordance with one’s real personality, character or disposition”. The phrase originated in the 1700s, when sailing ships began flying their national flags, an especially important identifier in times of battle. I am aware that the phrase has been co-opted by some who use it to express their negative anti-social beliefs, thoughts or desires — especially in the realm of race relations — with the whining justification, “But this is what I really believe (or think or want)!” I reject that meaning of “showing one’s colors”. Instead, I am happy to make positive and visible statements in front of my house, every day, as you see here and below. The three “topic” flags appear in rotation, and the American flag is the constant. For more context, please scroll down to see my News entry on 1/2/20.


Happy to report that the beautiful Art Elements Gallery has re-opened, along with many other businesses in downtown Newberg as part of a concerted effort state-wide to get back to normal — or to discover what the new normal is in this time of coronavirus. All anti-virus safety protocols are being closely observed. If you are comfortable doing so in person, please consider dropping by to see my show “Mystique” (and I emphasize, safety is top-of-mind at the gallery and for all of us). Remember that the website is always open and awaiting your visit.

Address: 604 E. 1st Street in Newberg. Open: Tuesday -Saturday 10-5. Phone: 503-487-6141.

Hello, Newbies!

On May 11 we welcomed 3 young hens — Ida (Tarbell), Anna (Karenina) and Laura (Ingalls Wilder). Here they are munching on a head of lettuce suspended from a rope. Much joy and merriment in the chicken yard!


Tomorrow at 12 noon, there will be another art give-away at our home.  As with the event last month, all appropriate social distancing and safety measures will be observed!

I will lean display racks onto the big gate on our driveway at 21424Liberty Street in Aurora. Visitors can take home, for free, one of the 21 small matted works that I have been “living” in my studio and now want to go live somewhere else! I myself will be posted up on the front steps of the house, to wave at my visitors.

Shelter-in-place means that I am spending even more time in the studio. I am making lots of new work, and need to make room for it!

Happy Mother’s Day. Stay safe, stay well. God bless us all.

The Run of “Mystique” Has Been Extended!

I am grateful and happy to say that my “Mystique” show has been extended to June 13 (it was to have ended tomorrow). The Art Elements Gallery — like almost everything during this time in the coronavirus pandemic — remains physically closed, of course, so the main effect of this extension is that the artwork remains front-and-center on the gallery’s website. I certainly hope that someday you can see the work in person, but until then — stroll on over to Thanks as always for your interest and support.


Today, Easter Sunday at 12 noon, there will be an artist’s give-away at our home. All appropriate social distancing and safety measures will be observed!

I will set up a table at the foot of our driveway so that passersby can take home, for free, one of the 37 small works that I have made during this time of the pandemic. I myself will be posted up on the front steps of the house, to wave at my visitors.

Shelter-in-place means that I am spending even more time in the studio. The small, vividly colored abstract images you see in this photo are not literal depictions of the coronavirus, but they are my creative response to it.

Happy Easter. Stay safe, stay well. God bless us all.

Visit My “Mystique” Show Online at

Here is the announcement I received yesterday from the Art Elements Galley, which has wisely decided to close, we all hope temporarily, in the face of the coronavirus pandemic.  “Mystique”, the biggest show of my career, had opened 7 days earlier.  My show is a no-show!  Well, except for online at  C’est la vie.  Quoting Rick in Casablanca: “Ilsa, I’m no good at being noble, but it doesn’t take much to see that the problems of three little people don’t amount to a hill of beans in this crazy world.”

Hello Artists, You may have already heard that we are currently closed due to what seems to be the best approach through this virus for our entire community. We are encouraging social distancing and self-quarantine to help aid in “flattening the curve”. We are healthy, and will continue to work as we navigate. We are also aware of our responsibility to represent you in the best possible way.  During this, we plan on connecting with people by encouraging creativity.  Your work inspires us daily and we are grateful for the opportunity to share it with others, even if it is via social media platforms during this time.  Staying engaged with us on social media will help us all out (sharing posts you love and support).  We hope many of you will get to spend lots of time in your studios — and please SHARE imagery with us of your creative time and process so we may continue to connect with you and our audience.  Wishing you all well, and as always… Better Together…