In the Words of Adam Schiff …

“Here, right matters. The truth matters. If right doesn’t matter, if the truth doesn’t matter — we’re lost.”

(Taken from Congressman Schiff’s summation on 1/23/20, on Day 2 of the Senate impeachment trial, of the case against the President. Having been impeached by the House, the President now potentially faces a guilty verdict and removal from office.)

“Sketchbook Project”

This is not exactly new news, but the information is new to the website.

My participation in the Brooklyn Art Library’s Sketchbook Project dates back, oh, probably a dozen years or so ago. The Library maintains an ever-expanding collection of actual sketchbooks at its facility in Brooklyn NY, sketchbooks that have been digitized and are available for viewing on the internet. (The actual sketchbooks can be viewed on site and also go out on nationwide tours.) The sketchbooks were submitted by people (like me!) who agreed to work according to a set of themes and parameters assigned by the Library. I have 3 sketchbooks in the collection: “A Guide Book to San Francisco” (theme: The View from Up Here), “R.I.P” (theme: Ritual) and “Seeing Blind” (theme: Lines and Graphics). I created the San Francisco sketchbook (drawings done from high places (“up here”), a travelogue and a map) when I lived in that city; the other two are quite recent, after the deaths of my parents.

For MUCH more information on what I found to be a fascinating and demanding project, and to see the digitized versions of my sketchbooks, go to the Brooklyn Art Library’s website (below). Once there, plug in either my name or the sketchbook’s individual name. And be patient! The website often takes a little while to load.

Showing the Colors

Since 9/11, we have flown the American flag daily at our home, in San Francisco and now here in Aurora. The most recent flag had gotten mighty ragged and faded, but we put off replacing it while we waited for Donald Trump to be impeached. Now that has happened, and the Presidential election year of 2020 has arrived with hope. Our old Old Glory has retired with dignity. Our new Old Glory is fresh and bright. Happy New Year.

Queen of Angels Monastery Gift Shop Open House —Thursday 12/12 — 2-5pm

Please come visit me at the very special event! I will be at the Monastery, a very special place for me, all afternoon. 840 S. Main Street in Mount Angel.

Unique Christmas Gifts A collection of beautiful religious items handmade by the sisters. Prayer shawls, scrubbier, photo cards, rosaries, earrings, necklaces and so much more!  
New to the Gift Shop Hattie’s Sweet Shop fudge infused with our “Divinely Original” Monastery Mustard and Mt. Angel Honey from Pacific Honeybee of Mount Angel. 
The Famous Monastery Morning Coffee Cakes Perfect for your Christmas breakfast!  
Free Raffle Win a jar of our famous Monastery Mustard or one of our famous Coffee Cakes! 
Free Cookies & Wassail It may be cold and rainy in Mt. Angel but we will have hot wassail and cookies for you when you get here!  
Special Art Exhibit from Local Artist Susan Black, local artist and writer from Black Star Studio and Gallery in Aurora, will have a special art collection on display and for sale. The series, “Light and the Movements of the Spirit,” will feature 6 to 7 pieces.

Gallery News

Through January 4, Art Elements Gallery in Newberg holds its annual “Artful Giving Holiday Show”. I’m so happy to be one of the featured artists! Go to to view the online catalogue — or come in person to 604 E. 1st Street Tuesday-Saturday 10-5.

They Bake AND They Make Art!

Aurora’s favorite, the White Rabbit Bakery on Route 99E, celebrates its 10th anniversary this month. The festivities include an art show of the staff’s paintings, drawings and photographs. So appropriate for a venue that showcases local artists all year long! Congratulations to Emily and Oscar and all the other multi-talented people. AND

R.I.P. Georgia 10/31/19

When I opened up the chicken coop on Halloween morning, Helen and Jane ran out as usual … but there was Georgia, dead on the floor. No obvious cause, but my sweet, beautiful and lively bird had not laid an egg for close to a year, a sign of hen-old-age and that the end was probably near. Regardless, she certainly seemed to enjoy her “retirement”, and she made me happy every day. Georgia was one of my original flock of three chickens. (Agnes and Pearl are already in chicken heaven.) I’m glad she had a peaceful and natural death. These things do happen.

Today is Veterans Day

This day originated as “Armistice Day”, commemorating the armistice, signed on the battlefield at the 11 hour of the 11th day of the 11th month of 1918, to suspend the hostilities between Germany and the Allied forces. The formal peace treaty was signed the next year, ending what was then known as the Great War (1914-1918) or what was hoped was “the war to end all wars”. Sadly, we know this not to be true. The Great War is now called World War I because there came World War II; and there came (and still come) so many other wars. Thus the meaning of Armistice Day has broadened, and it has been renamed. No longer observing the cessation of hostiles, it now focuses on the people who have served in our military, people whom we honor on Veterans Day. The flag flying here today is the pastel drawing that I made after 9/11.

Art Elements Gallery

Just a reminder that a selection of my artwork (including these pastel paintings) is available at the marvelous Art Elements Gallery in Newberg. 604 E. First Street. Open Tuesday-Saturday 10-5. Hint: Look for an announcement of a major show of my watercolor, charcoal and pencil paintings/drawings coming up in March! (

“Wildfire” Show at Queen of Angels Monastery

Here is a photo of my current show of watercolors/text hanging in the main hallway of the Queen of Angels Monastery in Mount Angel, home of the Benedictine Sisters. Called “Wildfire”, the show is about my son’s two seasons of service as a wildland firefighter. The Monastery is located at 840 S. Main Street and is open to the public Monday-Friday 9-4. The work will be on display through the end of the year. All are welcome to visit! (