When Nancy Rodger designed my first website, early in the 21st century, I wanted it to be like a virtual art gallery. Visitors wandered around among my paintings and captions. Nancy built new “galleries” as I completed new bodies of work. We added blogs — yeah, I know it’s self-publishing, but I do like to write. Along the way, the website grew and grew. We had so much fun, and we taught each other and learned from each other. It was a lovely partnership. Nancy died in September 2013.

I moved to Oregon in May 2014 and wish that I could have turned to Nancy to figure out how to accommodate both my new location and the website’s new direction. Thankfully, I have been able to depend on Gary Bivings for that and more. Because I want to focus more on showing visitors my process – rather than the outcome, the finished paintings – we decided to “freeze in time” the galleries of my previous work and not build any new galleries. So this is my memorial to Nancy. It’s also a memorial to the art I made in California; there are new ways to show my Oregon art.

The galleries maybe “frozen,” but they are still open. Please, wander around in here — and enjoy.

Hearts & Horizons
Sea Shells
"The Sketchbook Project"
The "Snapshots" Series
Emily Dickinson
Collages: Quilts & Mosaics
Sea Shells
Jewels of Ocean Beach
Winter Literature