“I’m back … !”

After 9 months of discernment (gestation?), I now see that … it’s time to resume posting images of my artwork. I assure you: I never stopped making art, I merely paused showing it. Onward!

“Having thought it over …”

After a long period of discernment, I have decided to stop posting examples of my artwork. Not to fear! I haven’t stopped making art. That would be impossible, as making art is as vital to me as breathing. But displaying my artwork, even in the friendly environment of my own website, has become a distraction. Instead, I want to focus on the journey, not the destination; the process, not the outcome. I want to return to, and revel in, the sheer child-like pleasure of … just doing it*.

I may change my mind every now and then, and post new images, or I may eventually return to a robust schedule of posting. Whichever, know that it’s all good, that all is well. And thank you for caring. (*Apologies to Nike.)